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Early on, I experienced the typical reservations about whether or not I had the “right stuff” to succeed in a transaction oriented business. An old family friend in the insurance business counseled me on the important aspects of operating within a commissioned-based business. He told me not to concern myself with the money associated with any single transaction, but to dedicate myself to serving the needs of my client. He said that if you go out of your way to “delight” your client, the money and reputation, as a professional will follow. This single piece of information has served me well over the past 25+ years.

As to the skills required to service a client in a special way, the most important attribute I have found is to be an exceptional listener. I try to ask probing questions and then sit back and really listen to what my client is saying. I often learn more about their needs from what they don’t say! I am able to differentiate needs from wants and focus on the really important issues of my client through a perceptive listening skill developed over a lengthy career.
My education in this business has been a combination of courses taken, seminars and associations with successful people. I am committed to a life-long learning experience and have found that you can learn things anywhere if you maintain an open mind and a passion for self-improvement. I believe that credentials (formal education) may open a few doors, but character, integrity and performance are the only things that will keep you competing successfully in maintaining and developing a good client base. At the end of the day, all we have is our reputation in the community and our integrity in dealing with individuals in our daily interchanges. I guard both closely as my future depends upon it.


I would recommend Rita Neri unhesitantly to anyone

Have hired agent to handle a failed townhouse project. She has produced more leads, and sales in the past two months than the previous regime did in the past two years. This, despite an economy that is sick and on its back! I would recommend Rita Neri unhesitantly to anyone trying to buy or sell a property in this economy or any other economy

Rita is the best

Rita had taken my Mother's townhouse in Roselle IL that she had been trying to sell for over three years, through other realtors. We contacted Rita Neri and found Rita's approach to be most ethical, honest and direct. Rita sold the townhouse within three months after receiving several offers, giving my Mother options. This by the way sold at a competitive price and was no fire sale. Rita is the best and when it came to negotiating and the closing, Rita truly represented her client and took a no nonsense approach with the buyer's realtor. Rita is the best!!!!

one of the most energetic and resourceful people I have known

Bought a Condo home in 2009 for approximately $500K in Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL. Rita helped me to purchase my town home in Chicago at a time I was still living at Montreal. It was a long-distance purchase where she kept sending me properties and showing me the houses I chose in a very tide window when I visited Chicago. I must mention that she is one of the most energetic and resourceful people I have known. She showed me all the houses I wanted to see and more regardless of the circumstances. I still remember her waiting for me with her shoes in her hand while it was raining like crazy. It was amazing to see her convincing a reluctant owner to show me the house in a short notice. I am glad that she was so persistent and persuasive with that owner since her house is the one I ended up buying. Many thanks to Rita for that I bought a four bedroom house in a prime location for an amazing price. ps. It was also so much fun to shop for houses with her.

Rita is awesome!!!!

Rita is awesome!!!! She is extremely knowledgeable, personable and gets the job done. She listens to you what you want and what your needs are. She's open and honest and I would recommend her to anyone of my friends and family. Matter of fact, I have sent her to some of my friends and family and they would say the same.

Rita has been wonderful

Rita has been wonderful. She never stops working. She is available for questions and helps 24/7. She's extremely helpful during the negotiation process for both buying and selling and helps walk you thru every part of the process. We are so happy we chose Rita!

Rita was great and went the extra mile for us.

Rita was great and went the extra mile for us. She is passionate and has a great network due to being so respected in the industry. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Rita is the best!

Rita is the best! She assisted us every step of the way. She is a consummate professional! We had a very short time to find a place and she took all the time we needed with us. She showed us the market, but was respectful of our price range we wanted to be in and really listened to our needs and wants. You do not need another real estate professional in the Chicago area.

Always available!!

Rita managed 2 homes for me--as a buyer & seller. Always available!! Works around the clock-Quick, organized, atop of the market, great knowledge of neighborhoods and very honest.

Rita is a true pro

Rita is a true pro. She has been in the business a long time and that really makes a big difference when it comes to buying or selling a home. She is extremely accessible and is very client focused. She was NOT out just to make a sale, she gave our family a lot time and consideration and did not push homes that were not a good fit for us or didn't fit our budget. I am very picky about who I work with and I would highly recommend Rita to any of my family, friends, colleagues, etc.

Rita made the entire buying/selling process a breeze

Rita made the entire buying/selling process a breeze. She knew what we should look for, and what we should avoid. We felt like she worked very hard for us and always went the extra mile. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Rita’s market knowledge is very comprehensive

Rita's market knowledge is very comprehensive. She read us as clients and understood how to serve our needs of moving from a big home to the right sized condo on the Chicago lakefront. She negotiated with us to price our property to sell quickly and fairly (within 7 days of listing), and we got our price! Rita is professional, persistent, has a huge network and knows how to prep a home to sell. On the buying side, she found us a home to fit our needs exactly. Rita treats everyone as a friend!

The best realtor in the whole world

The best realtor in the whole world. Someone who always has your best interests at all times. She was patient, accessible, was never pushy and knew what I was looking for. I would highly recommend her.

Our experience with Rita was excellent

Our experience with Rita was excellent. She was very helpful because of her experience and honesty. We feel that because of those qualities we were able to sell our home for more than a fair price. With any home sale there will be issues that arise and her experience helped us to get through those issues. We will highly recommend Rita to anyone who wants to work with a professional for selling their home.

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